This winter, dates are back and we’ve honed in on a few exciting activities that will sizzle the senses with
flavors and festivals. This is the season for costumes and cuisine. You won’t want to miss the action – so,
come lime, lounge, linger or just let yourself go, cause it’s carnival time in the Caribbean!

Curaçao Karnaval 2024

At the top of the year, say “bon dia” to Curaçao Fuik Day (Fuikdag) 2024 on January 7. The term fuik is Dutch for trap, and from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, it’s one grand party trap atop the sea. There’s bound to be a lot of “mi dushi” (my love/sweetie) greetings when every and anything that’s buoyant come together for a big BYOB celebration- be sure to sip responsibly, whether by float or boat! It’s the perfect start to Carnival season on the island. There will be vibrant costumes, marches, parades, bands and lots of jump up festivities and food. There are separate horse, youth and teen parades. At Festival di Tumba – the competition is fierce to win the coveted title of king. You won’t want to miss a single event if travel plans accommodate the two months of festivities. Curaçao Karnaval 2024 hosts nonstop events across the
island January through February –

Cayman Cookout

Further north, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is more focused on cuisine and takes us on a diverse dining experience every Saturday, during the months of January and February. Ferry across for Jost Lime and Dine where guests staying on Tortola can hop aboard the ferry at West End to dine or lime – chill/relax – on Jost Vandyke. Ferries leave Tortola at 6 pm and the last returning trip is at 10:45 pm. Hop aboard any Saturday from January 6 to February 24. Stay until March to close the season with an event that Virgin Gorda promises to be “bigger and tastier than ever!” Residents and guests gather for tantalizing delights, wine and entertainment at Taste of Virgin Gorda 2024, on Saturday, March 16.

To the west, over at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman, it’s the 15th year of a culinary celebration of some of the finest cuisine in the world. The renowned celebration is back and boasts to be an unforgettable indulgence in food and wine on the shores of Grand Cayman, at Cayman Cookout from January 9 – 15. –

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