Barbados is known for a lot more than Rhianna and rum shops. The country’s rich history is vibrant and as alive today as it was in 1627 with all the pirates, Portuguese, and pillaging that may have gone on in those days; one can imagine the sorts of partying that took place. These days, Barbados is more about liming (mixing, mingling, drinking, and sharing time with friends). A Bajan lifestyle staple that visitors become accustomed to rather quickly, especially if they pop into a Friday night fish fry in Oistins. This is where young, old, native, foreign and everything in between come together for fish (obviously), lobster, burgers, and to…lime. Music pulses, bodies wind and laughs are shared by the sea. If there was one image of the coming together of people and how deft Barbados is at sharing its hospitality, Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday night is it. Strolling after a beer and some fresh seafood to check out the local craft vendors, while digesting, is all part of the evening. Calories do not count on vacation they say, but here you can count on them disappearing because the music is sure to move your feet, sway your body and the balmy breeze will make it all seem effortlessly cool, even if some of your moves aren’t. Liming is a key part of life on this island. Get into it and take it back home. This is all a part of Caribbean living. Relaxing, eating, enjoying, and living your best life!

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