Nature lovers or travelers wanting a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of your “new norm”, this is the escape for you! Coulibri Ridge’s spacious, residential style 14-suite resort opened on October 22 and is nestled atop a mountain ridge in southern Dominica on 285 acres of unspoiled land, affording the resort the ability to harness eco-friendly and sustainable resources of the sun, wind and rain. An eco-tourist’s haven! This resort is completely off-grid and self-sustaining. Imagine an experience no other resort in the region offers – your electricity generated by solar panels and wind turbines, while your water for bathing and lounging in chlorine-free pools is collected from the rain and purified by ultraviolet light and copper ionization. In 2023, the resort is set to open its own farm that will also be irrigated from collected and filtered water from the resort, so nothing goes to waste.

Even the building is constructed from hand-chiseled rocks sourced from the property, along with recycled teak wood, and ceilings constructed from 100% recyclable, mold-resistant aluminum. The resort’s clean, modern design and location intentionally allows guests to experience nature fully. Whether it’s vistas of clear blue skies or the pristine waters of Soufrière Bay, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, or the lush surrounding mountainside flora and fauna and the foliage brought indoors, nature is all around to be seen and experienced.

There is also nothing but space – space to rejuvenate and relax, without getting underfoot of each other or fellow travelers. Coulibri Ridge boasts four categories of spacious residential-style suites complete with full kitchens. The Seaview Studio offers 600 square-feet of interior space and a 350-foot terrace. Flop into your sofa, hanging chair and let the sea breeze gently sway your cares away with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. The Morne Fou Loft is 950 square-feet of interior space and a 400-square feet sea view terrace. The luxurious Sky Penthouse duplexes provide 1,000 square-feet of interior space and two terraces – one overlooking the sea, Martinque and the Morne Fou mountain peak, and a second overlooking the lush Sulphur Spring Valley. The four Sky Penthouses feature the always sought-after outdoor rain shower, and three have private infinity pools with views that don’t get much better anywhere else.

Although the property is secluded, self-sustaining and on its own grid, guests can choose to remain connected to the gridded, outside world through two boardrooms or the complimentary high speed WiFi – or not. After all, time could be much better spent on a reclusive vacation swimming in infinity pools, taking in a class or two in the yoga pavilion or indulging in a pampered spa treatment. It almost feels like you are situated so close to heaven, the sky’s the limit at Coulibri Ridge.

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