By Ava Rosales

This spring, eat and dance your way through the Caribbean, as many festivals are back in swing.

Saint Lucia entertains for more than a week – It’s a feast for the eyes and ears at the Jazz & Arts Festival April 30 – May 12

On Dominica, there’s a one day fusion of jazz and creole. Dubbed “the Real Mas”, this festival showcases the island’s music, food and culture. The event has been going strong since 2010. Don’t miss Jazz ‘N Creole – May 5

For the Cayman Islands, it’s carnival as only Cayman does. Revel with the partygoers on Cayman Brac for Braccanal – May 16 – 20

Over in the Bahamas – Eleuthera has the sweetest festival. Known for their deliciously sweet pineapples, there’s no better way to showcase it than with a celebration of entertainment, food, desserts and beverages at Pineapple Festival, June 7 – 8

Around the British Virgin Islands, it’s an exploration of wrecks and reefs for divers below sea and parties for revelers on land during BVI Wreck Week, June 16 – 24

Close the month on Tortola for a day of culinary delights paired with fine wines and cocktails. It’s a sensational sampling of their self titled, “Tastiest Night of the Year!” Taste of Tortola, June 29

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