Silver Sand


Caribbean Living Suede and silver necklace and bracelet. Each gently curved silver bead is hand strung on raw suede. These elements go so naturally and effortlessly together that you will never want to dress without them. Even if it’s only in a bikini!

The Caribbean Living Silver Sand collection


We use a gently curved silver bead and hand-string the stunning silver bead on raw suede. . The Caribbean Living necklaces and bracelets come in natural untanned suede or rust colored raw suede.


Necklaces come in 18 inch lengths and 24 inch lengths.


Great as matching sets, easy to mix and match or to wear each piece as a solo statement.

Additional information

18 Inch Silver and Suede necklace

Raw Suede untanned, Raw suede tanned in rust color

24 inch Silver and Suede necklace

Untanned raw suede, tanned rust color raw suede

Silver and Suede Bracelet

Untanned raw suede, tanned rust colored raw suede