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Treasure beach

Jamaica’s South Coast: Our picks for where to stay, what to see, and so much more.

SITES TO SEE Treasure Beach: With a six-mile stretch of black and coral-colored sand, private coves and rocky shores, Treasure Beach is an untrodden respite brimming with the South Coast’s vibrant local culture and people. Having successfully maintained its charm as a modest fishing village, visitors can expect a truly authentic experience. YS Falls: Rated

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These are a few of my favorite things!

Skinny Coconut Oil! I can’t sing the praises of this particular brand any higher than I already am. Bobbi Brown’s Beach has to be one of my top go to fragrances. I love the scent all year but when the cold grey days of winter come around, there is nothing that takes me back to

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Ocean Club Vintage travel escapes

Vintage travel escapes

Vintage travel and the big bang…with the roaring twenties behind filling out the pockets of so many and the dirty thirties, emptying them with rapidity, the fabulous forties seemed to bring a sense of stability to some, but the nifty fifties set the Caribbean ablaze. Sometimes things take a while to reach an island, for

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Yo ho…throw back these vintage Rhums

The role of rum throughout the Caribbean is that of a smooth, charismatic, leading man who has been properly raised, with depth and richness, depending on his backdrop (island). He plays with your emotions and penetrates your thoughts; filling you with a sense of warmth that not even the sun can replicate. He is nurturing

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Villa Nandana Bahamas

Villa Nandana ~ Bahamas

Looking for a renaissance of my normally relaxed mindset, I welcomed the arrival of the villa’s private jet on the landing strip that is essentially West End, Grand Bahama’s private airport. Although anyone who retains this villa can opt for aerial arrival either by seaplane or private jet from a Florida airport. Many renters use

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Can Cancn, Le Blanc Spa Resort

Girls just wanna have fun

This sounds like the opening to a classic bar-joke but here’s what you get when you put a lawyer, a PR executive and an Editor on an all-girls getaway. It had been way too long since our Editor-In- Chief took a break. Work is fun, so it often disguises itself as a getaway, but alas ‘tis

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